Pvc Laminated Tarpaulins

PVC Tarpaulin sheets are one of the most important materials used for creating temporary or makeshift shaded areas for waterproofing. At Navratan LLP, we work alongside organizations with an aim to empower them through unmatched services and products. PVC Tarpaulin sheets by us are one such product that finds significant applications in industries like construction and agriculture for protection against sunlight as well as rain. Our products have special features like double lamination making them durable and adequate for rugged uses. Operating out of a state-of-the-art facility that deploys the most innovative technology, Navratan LLP has established itself as a consistent waterproof tarpaulin sheet manufacturer.

Our processing capabilities are enhanced with the talents of our experienced team as well as standardized procedures which are certified by BIS. Thus, associating with Navratan LLP for tarpaulin sheet needs means you do not need to look any further!


  • Used to treat roof leaks.
  • Use as a ground cover for simple clean-up.
  • Protect the floor while painting.
  • Warm plants on cold nights.
  • Use as temporary covers for renovation, construction, and unfinished projects.

Why Navratan LLP for PVC Laminated Tarpaulins?

Navratan LLP has several distinct advantages when it comes to PVC Laminated Tarpaulin sheets the highest standards of quality, multi-layer support, long-lasting products, just to name a few. A part of Meghmani LLP, an organization with an experience of over 40 years in this industry, Navratan LLP is capable of serving customers exactly as per their needs, making them one of the favored PVC tarpaulin suppliers in India.