PVC Foam Board

PVC foam boards have a lot of applications for advertising indoors as well as outdoors. Brands often use customized PVC foam boards as interior decor options as well. Further, this medium also has certain advantages like water-resistance over its wooden counterparts, making PVC Foam Boards a preferable option for many. At Navratan LLP, we specialize in leveraging the highest quality of raw materials in order to provide our customers with bespoke PVC foam board sheets.

Our products come with a variety of rich features like being lightweight and easy to carry, waterproof PVC foam board sheets, premium insulation capacities and screw retention, making Navratan LLP one of the finest PVC foam board sheet manufacturer in India.


  • Interior Decor
  • Advertising
  • Backing material in picture framing
  • Signages
Techical Properties
Properties Test Unit Value
Density DIN 53479 g/cc 0.40-0.70
Hardness DIN 53505 Shore D >=40
Water Absorption DIN 53495 % <=1.0
tensile Strength DIN 53455 mpa >=14
  • 14 MPa for free foam sheet with typical density 0.7 g/cc
  • 12 MPa for free foam sheet with typicla density 0.55 g/cc
  • (The Colour shades are only reprentative) Colours are available in 4,5 & 6mm
  • Black, ivory and Brown colours are also available from 10 to 25 mm thickness.